“I always thought that the concept of Home was unrelated to its location; home for me is an intimate interaction with myself and with my surrounding, it´s a place/non-place that becomes strictly essential whenever a material house doesn’t exist”.

My research started very soon as bicultural child, went on studying foreing languages and philology at the University of Pisa and in Berlin, where I graduated in German philology. The need of self comprehension and experimentation brought me to the International School of Art in Terni, where I studied for a Master´s in Photography. Later on, I moved to Florence to complete my studies in traditional photography. Now I live in Berlin which is the perfect place/non place for my neverending research.


When the Moon called me Daughter (Photography), Berlin/Tuscany, 2016/7.
Tillandsia (Installation), Lycra, concrete, line, air plant, Genova, 2017.
Nächster Halt (Video), in collaboration with Eloisa Guarracino, Berlin, 2016.
Én vagyok (Photography), a work about borders and skin, Berlin, 2016.
La Vita è meravigliosa (Printed performance), Montecarlo (Lucca), 2016.
Létező falak. Existing walls. (Videoperformance) Museum Europäischer Kulturen in Dahlem (MEK) “Erfüllbare Träume? Italienerinnen in Berlin”, in collaboration with Rete Donne and MEK, Berlin, 2015.
Europas Snacks, (Photography) a project in collaboration with Bocconcini di cultura e.V., Berlin, 2015.
Jeanne D´Arc, (Photography), I´VR Isabel Vollrath Atelier in Berlin, 2015.
www.retedonneberlino.wordpres.com (Website), Rete Donne Berlino, Berlin, 2014.
Il Sorriso dei miei Bimbi, (Photography) Favela Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, 2014.
Washed by Nails, (Photography), Berlin.
POSI+TIVE MAGAZINE, Department of Photography, Berlin, 2012/15.
The heart technique (Photography), Aquila Nera Onlus, Santa Luce (PI), 2012/2014.


13.03.2017-27.01.2017 Genova (IT)
FRAGILE – handle with care, Museoteatro della Commenda (Commenda di Prè), Genova, Mu.MA – Istituzione Musei del Mare e delle Migrazioni, with the work “Tillandsia”
31.05.2015 – 08.01.2017 Berlin (DE)
“Erfüllbare Träume? Italienerinnen in Berlin (group exhibition), in collaboration with Rete Donne and Museum Europäischer Kulturen in Dahlem (MEK) with the artwork – Létező falak. Existing walls.
25.11.2016-04.12.2016 Giarre (Catania, IT)
REPLAY / Il vizio dell´errore (contemporary art exhibition),  Sala Messina/Ex pescheria, with the artwork – Létező falak. Existing walls.

Press Review:

I´m a mess, I´m a mess so let me confess, Desperate Homehunter, 2015.
Petra Fantozzi. Io sono la mia casaElisa Barrotta, La Galassia di Gutenberg, 2015.
Sogni italiani a BerlinoSibylla Pace, Il Deutsch-Italia, 2015.
P come Petra. Poesia della VitaArianna Marin, Facci un salto, 2015.
Petra´s Portfolio, Lamberto Cantoni, I-Quality Nr. 5, 2013.