The Approach

The Method

Emotional Photography is a method that combines self awareness and the personal expression through photography. It trains you how to recognize emotions and become aware of them, learn how to express them in an harmonious and perceptible way.


An intimate Dialogue
with Yourself

  • Discover hidden/vorgotten parts of your body
  • To provide a key for an intimate and deep interpretation of oneself through the study of the TrueSelf and the photographic production
  • Learn the relationship between thoughts and emotions
  • Increase the frequency and intensity of pleasant emotional states
  • Promote the acquisition of self-regulation skills of one’s own behavior


Energetic Photography

E-Motion means energy in movement; it is our thoughts that create our emotions and it´s our emotions that create our behaviours. To understand how emotion can work, you have to understand that the human body is really nothing but energy. Energy is the internal body sensation, which we feel flowing in the body. So if you can capture your energy in pictures, you can really catch your true self. 


Photographic Coaching

  • How to use basic techniques to easily express yourself, far away from classical approach and rules  
  • Removal of judgment on oneself and on the photographic production
  • Group support in a protected environment
  • Technical mentoring (how to deal with camera & light) 



Courses & Workshops

  • CONFERENZA - Esplorare e esplorarsi attraverso la fotografia
  • Midfulness auf´m Tfeld
  • Il Respiro del Mare, gli Elementi e la Fotografia
  • C´era una volta il Bosco...