Aleksandra Anna Brzozowska

“I love Photography, but I don´t know where to start taking pictures…”

After years of physiotherapy passed trying to rebalance her hips, Aleksandra twisted an ankle and was forced to use crutches for weeks.

“I can start all over again, I feel all my work has been in vain”

We started talking about the situation and I convinced her stop thinking too much about it. I suggested her to take the cell phone and use it to express what was inside. 

Her photos were intimate and enveloping, delicate and deep. She did not believe his eyes either. “I like these pictures, because that´s me! I´ll go on taking pictures and do more. That´s really empowering…” 

Despite the walking difficulties, she gathered her energies and took some pictures. The group met again after a week and she brought the production into the sharing round. Her emotion was evident.