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ottobre 19 @ 6:30 pm - ottobre 21 @ 7:30 pm


The workshop is the result of the alliance between two artistic languages that harmoniously communicate on two different levels and senses, reworking the BODY subject from a physical and visual point of view.
Daniela Marcozzi (physical theater/biology) and Petra Fantozzi (visual artist/photography) both base their artistic work on the modern science evidence that molecules communicate with each other as part of the same system and have a consciousness that connect them.

The aim of the workshop is to (re)discover the molecular, sensitive, physical pleasure to get in touch with the body, on emotional and somatic level, explore and enjoy the relationship with its forgotten parts and be aware of its hidden potentials.

The workshop starts on Friday evening with an introduction of the working method by doing a Mindfulness practice. A theorethical introduction will follow, touching the topics: Emotional Photography, biochemistry of emotions, differences between emotions and feelings, how to recognise and understand body energy, transform emotional impulses into images.

On Saturday and Sunday we’ll work on:
– rediscover and reconnect with the parts of the body
– awareness of the healthy muscular tone
– movement research – embodiment
– urgency
– sharing → creating a process with the others and the space
– playfulness
– inner visualization 
– breathing – open up new spaces in the body
– voice exercises – vocalizing – body resonators

You´ll be coached how to produce emotional pictures that facilitate the dialogue between feeling and seeing, exploring the sensations on a visual level and increasing Self awareness. Functional photographic coaching, printing and sharing, as well as the construction of the story, will be fundamental part of the program. 

This workshop is the union of two disciplines, Emotional photography and Physical theater, anchored in two specific backgrounds.

The physical work is based on the Artistic Research that Daniela is carrying out at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Lugano, Switzerland (Master of Arts in Artistic Research).
Her research aims, among others, at exploring the biology of emotions and theories of embodiment and defining an innovative training method and artistic practice that brings together life science and performing arts. 
A significant input to this work comes from the Biochemistry of emotion a theory developed by PhD Candace Pert.
Pert’s research reveals how chemical substances produced by the whole organism – neuropeptides and their receptors – constitute the biological basis of our consciousness. The latter is expressed through emotions, beliefs and expectations, deeply affecting the way we perceive and react to the world.
The theatrical background takes its biggest influence by the practice of J. Grotowski. Daniela Marcozzi has studied four years with Peter Rose, a former student of J. Grotowski and learned the Plastiques sequence and the body-voice training.

The Emotional photography is the result of the artist’s photographic experience and the profound introspective/artistic research she is being working on for the last decade. The method combines self awareness and personal expression through photography; it invites you to visually recognize emotions and become aware of them, learn acceptance and how to express feelings in an harmonious and subtle way. 
The approach is strengthened by practicing psychosomatic Mindfulness (based on Jon Kabat-Zinn and Villaggio Globale, Bagni di Lucca, Center for Consciousness, Psychosomatics and Personal Growth) and other Self-Awareness techniques that awake the sense of Self and reconnects the body with its ancient feeling and sensation core.
Photography is a wonderful tool to express the most intimate and unknown sensations, gives the chance to make the invisible visible allowing the production to be instinctual and free from classical canons.

*** INFO
Friday 19th October
h 18:15 – 19:30 theoretical introduction, mindfulness practice. open to everyone – also to people not participating to the rest of the workshop
h 19:30 – 22:00 physical work
Saturday 20 October: 12:15 – 19:45
Sunday 21 October: 12:15 – 19:45

*** FEE
Normal fee including Friday, Saturday, Sunday + working material: 100 euro
Reduced fee (Berlin Pass and students): 90 euro
Early birds, for payment until September 26th: 90 euro

In the context of this workshop, the theatrical work will match the biological studies and the emotional photography in order to unblock and access to biological energies and channel them in the artistic expression. 

Performing and visual artists, people interested in body practices and artistic expression. No photographic or performative experience is needed. Pictures will be taken with mobile phones cameras.

Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte – studio n. 302, third floor
Wallstraße 32/haus C
10179 Berlin



ottobre 19 @ 6:30 pm
ottobre 21 @ 7:30 pm
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