The Idea

When the Moon
called me Daughter


When the Moon called me Daughter” is the autobiographical project I was working on in the winter 2016/2017 during the Seminar I was attending by Grit Schwerdtfeger at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin. I was working as a professional photographer for years, but after trying almost all the photographic fields, I kept feeling that something was still missing.

It happened one day
that my skin teared open.

For years I have been looking for a photographic approach that really exited me. I experienced all the professional applications of photography and I always felt that “something was missing”. 

River of silver danced,
They took it gently away.

Alongside my professional photography work, I was going on reading anthropology and science texts and studying the effect they would have on myself. I was using my Berlin studio as if it were my little corner of precious introspective universe.

The Moon called me Daughter
and I never lost my way home again.

In 2016, while I was following the photographic seminar at the Ostkreuzschule, I also began my most decisive energetic path, both for my personal growth and for my artistic career. Channeling literally upset all that were my certainties up to then, approaching a subtle and ethereal energy condition. In this year I produced the autobiographical series “When the moon called me Daughter”, the project that proudly shows the essence of a woman, her strenght and weakness, her simple self-love and devotion for life.

It let the light come out and in an instant
it was too late to turn back.

Years before, after a major depression, I started a very deep introspection work on myself that I consider the first step of my emotional journey. I had my first approach to meditation through native riding and self-centering coaching. Later on I approached the bio-psychogenealogy and the analysis of the genealogical tree, studying the connection between family and disease.

They said: the light is not at the beginning
but in all the water that flows.

I cannot say if my artistic works were a cause or a consequence of my work of awareness; the fact is that something important was changing inside of me and made me feel stronger, more beautiful, more woman, more divine.

Since then I work with passion reinforcing my intuition with training courses; in 2017 I gained the pedagogic method as Art-Educator, in 2018 the deeper study of modern neuroscience and psychosomatic (psychosomatic mindufulness). All these factors together are the basis of the Emotional Photography Method.