Emotional Photography


Emotional Photography is a method that combines self awareness and the personal expression through photography. It trains you how to recognize emotions and become aware of them, learn how to express them in an harmonious and perceptible way.

Mindfulness &

Mindfulness allows you to be perfectly present in the moment without being distracted from other thoughts. It awakes your emotional intelligence and makes you feel more grounded in your body. By practicing it regularly you develop these skills that can support you to sense the inner world. Photography is a wonderful tool to express your most intimate and unknown self and gives you the chance to make the invisible visible.

Awareness is
the Change

Emotional Photography is a method that turns your attention inwards allowing you to see the things from another perspective; through the use of simple mindfulnes and awareness techniques, this approach gently explores the unconscious mind and express it  through the production of images. You´re just opening up and become aware of things were there before but were not in awareness.

The results achieved by the combination of these two simple and powerful techniques are nothing short of amazing, especially for the participants, who are often surprised by the expressive talent hidden within them.

“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we create them” (A. Einstein)



E-Motion means energy in movement; it is our thoughts that create our emotions and it´s our emotions that create our behaviours. To understand how emotion can work, you have to understand that the human body is really nothing but energy. Energy is the internal body sensation, which we feel flowing in the body. So if you can capture your energy in pictures, you can really catch your true self. 

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